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Stained Glass


My studio has virtually everything one might need for Stained Glass projects. I have cathedral and opalescent glasses from Spectrum, Wissmach and Kokomo as well as fusible, antique and flashed glass. I also carry the tools of the craft, including cutters, irons, grinders, pliers, etc. My copper foil, solder and lead offerings are more than sufficient for even the advanced practitioner. I aim to help you with your selection, and will show you real world examples of tool use, and even test drives if desired. My prices reflect low volume, meaning that you will most likely find it for less on the internet. I am unable to price match.The giants of on line retail wll sell more cutters in a day than I do in a week. What I will do is spend time with you, explain the pros and cons of your purchase and encourage you to contact me for follow up help. This is something an on line entiy is hard pressed to do, but that I do with enthusiasm and propinquity!  In addition, no matter how good the image looks on your screen, there is nothing like seeing the glass in front of you.  If you order glass on line and don't like it, you have paid for shipping to get it to you, and if you can't use the glass you may have to pay to return it to the shipper.  By the time you are done with this UPS enrichment exercise, you might as well have paid me a visit!