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Stained Glass

Stained Glass has a history that is rich in tradition, but I am not a traditionalist.  If the project requires a design and execution that draw on tradition then I am happy to be as faithful to my predecessors as I can. If the client is open to innovation and a break from what they might have seen before, or even expected, then my adrenelin starts to flow. While most of my studios work is done on a custom commission basis, I also make autonomous pieces to my own whim and leanings. These can be found in the Conceptual Gallery below. I do repairs and restorations on small windows to entire churches. I teach at my studio in Ithaca, at the Corning Museum of Glass, and occassionally elsewhere. I sell most anything one would need for the building of Stained Glass windows, as well as glass and supplies for those that prefer to dwell in the arcane realm of kiln thermoforming.